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Trish Love's new book “Love to Grow” has been described as the financial missing link for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Trish Love, the author of this book asked herself:

“Why do some people constantly struggle to get themselves out of survival mode financially?

What is different about people who seem to have the “Midas touch”—where “everything they touch turns to gold”?

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Why read this book?

  • Apply the seven steps to wealth creation
  • Define and achieve your own version of wealth
  • Diagnose and understand your own money style
  • Move from fear to belief based decisions
  • Shift from reckless actions to prosperous results
  • Understand where your financial beliefs and actions hold you back 
  • Apply better leadership and knowledge for business growth
  • Create an “A” team in your business

What people are saying


Keith Randall, Business Psychologist
and Brain Science Researche


  Rick Frishman, a leading American
Book publicist for over 35 years

About the Author


Trish Love


Trish Love is an expert Business Advisor and Author.  She has become a pioneer and Thoughtleader in the field of Financial Intelligence, having developed a unique formula for building and keeping wealth.  An internationally published author through Morgan James Publishing, New York, for the past 30 years Trish has observed the way in which some people seem to thrive and do well financially, whilst others do not.  She believes not enough Small to Medium enterprise owners achieve the cash or time freedom they seek, and much of this comes from operating from not understanding their beliefs and actions around money.

Trish says:

With 25 years experience as a chartered accountant developing my financial intelligence education and also 16 years creating and growing my own business, I have personally experienced and managed the same growth issues as other business owners”.

Her advisory and facilitation services provide SME”s with a concrete base to grow their business in a sequential and task focused way that is both grounded and practical.